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AddWater | AddWater
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What you need to know to use AddWater for optimal hydration…

We created AddWater because all of the other hydration apps we looked at, and we looked at a LOT, made it a multi-step process just to add water we just drank or it over-simplified the complexities of proper hydration. We figured there’s got to be a better way and now there is – AddWater.

AddWater is quick. You don’t spend your time going to different screens, selecting containers or glasses, then tapping buttons to enter an amount. Just slide and let go. BOOM, you’re done. AddWater lets you spend your time drinking water, not logging it.

Although AddWater has a simple and intuitive user interface to help you track your daily hydration, it has features you might not be aware of.


Standard Features

• Clean, elegant, at-a-glance interface;
• Automatically determines your daily goals based on multiple criteria: weight, gender;
• Choose ounces or liters and toggle back and forth quickly between the two without changing the app’s overall volume setting;
• Amounts are entered quickly with simple touch-panning up or down;
• Double the amounts with two-finger panning;
• if you accidentally select an incorrect amount;
• Badges show amount left to drink for the day;
• Daily tracking shows individual amounts entered by tapping date at top of the screen;
• Daily history with percentage achieved and goal;
• When you reach your goal, ‘Play in the Water';
• Each new day you’re greeted with a fun or profound quote to begin your day of hydration.

AddWater's quick and easy interface let's you spend more time doing what you what to do.

AddWater’s quick and easy interface let’s you spend more time doing what you what to do.

Premium Features
• Exclusive Urine Chart to help you recognize your hydration levels;
• Health section automatically adjusts your daily goal based on Activity Level (time and intensity), Alcohol Consumption, Illness, High Altitude;
• Fully customizable reminders with your own message and a menu of fun sounds – create the message, pick the time and sound, AddWater reminds you daily;
• Race reminders will help you stay hydrated before an athletic endeavor – reminding you to hydrate fully two days and one day out to stick to your goal; also providing a reminder two hours before the race start.

Setting Your Goal

AddWater takes the guess work out of how much water you should have to be properly hydrated. The old model of 8 glasses of 8 ounces a day is just that, old. Everyone is different and AddWater takes your weight, gender, and age to calculate your hydration goal.
Math doesn't lie... AddWater's hydration goals are based on your weight, age and gestational status (for the ladies).

Math doesn’t lie… AddWater’s hydration goals are based on your weight, age and gestational status (for the ladies).

An AddWater exclusive

AddWater's exclusive Urine Chart.

AddWater’s exclusive Urine Chart.

The color of your urine is an excellent way to visually check for proper hydration and AddWater gives you that ability.

With two types of custom reminders – Daily and Event – you’ll never go without knowing when to have some water. More information on how to configure your reminders is in the FAQ below.

Activating Badges will display the remaining ounces / milliliters on the Add Water icon on your home screen so you will know at-a-glance whether you’re ahead of your goal – or if you have some ground to make up.

You can do it! Only 32 ounces to go to reach your goal!

You can do it! You only 32 ounces left to reach your goal!


I filled out my profile and Today’s Goal seems like a lot of water. What’s up with that?

Today’s Goal is the total amount of fluids you need to consume for proper daily hydration based on your weight. You can achieve your goal by drinking water, but it also includes coffee, soda, tea, sports drink, juice, milk, hot chocolate, broth, etc.

I can count soda and coffee towards my goal? But, soda and coffee contain caffeine. Isn’t that a diuretic?

You’re right – you get a gold star! However, the amount of caffeine you have to consume to trigger that diuretic effect is about 600 mgs. An average 12oz soda contains about 40mg of caffeine, while an 8oz coffee has about 100mg. So unless you are downing a 48oz Thermos full of coffee or 15 cans of soda per day, you can include drinking caffeinated beverages toward achieving your daily hydration goal.

This is great! Soda, coffee... How about beer or wine?

Not so fast. Alcohol counts against your daily hydration goal. Like caffeine, alcohol is a diuretic, but it affects you more severely. So every alcoholic beverage you have requires an increase in fluid consumption to prevent the nasty side effects of dehydration. Increasing your water intake will not prevent you from getting dehydrated if you overindulge, but it can help mitigate the pain. As always, drink responsibly. You can unlock this powerful tool by upgrading!

How do I delete an amount I just entered?

Shake, shake, shake.
If you entered an incorrect amount, just do a quick side-to-side shake of your iPhone to undo. In fact, you can undo up to three amounts entered.

One caveat though, You can only undo/redo amounts entered in that same view. For example, if you enter an amount, then go to History and select another day, you can no longer undo.


Shake, shake, shake to undo.

How can I input larger amounts?

Just use two fingers simultaneously to select your amount instead of one finger. The amounts will double when you start to pan up or down. If you’d like to have the amounts in smaller increments, go to Settings and under Amount Labels, set Larger Increments to No.


When selecting an amount to enter, using two fingers doubles the amount.

When selecting an amount to enter, using two fingers doubles the amount.

I have my amounts set to Ounces. Is there an easy way to enter a mL/L sized drink?

There is. Just tap the water drop at the bottom of the Main screen. It toggles between Ounces and milliliters/liters without affecting your overall volume unit setting.

Can I view the individual amounts that I drank today?

Of course! Just tap Today or the corresponding date at the top of the Main view. A drink-by-drink recap of your day will appear. Tap anywhere on the blue area of the screen to make the recap disappear. You can also review your history by tapping the upper right corner of the Main view. From this field, select any day and then you can tap the corresponding date at the top of the Main view to see the drink-by-drink recap of that day!

I’m trying to get in shape – or better yet, I’m an athlete – how does AddWater help me stay hydrated?

Whether you’re going out to walk the dogs for a half-hour or competing in a triathlon, exercise increases your need for proper hydration. Inputting your physical activity in Add Water’s Health section will determine how much additional fluid you need to consume to ensure proper hydration, based on perceived exertion and external temperature. This incredibly cool feature is also included in your awesome upgrade!

How do I set reminders to help me stay on track?

Reminders are a great way to help you remain consistently hydrated throughout the day. To create reminders, go to Notifications in Settings and select Reminders (it is a Premium Feature). From there, you can choose to create either a Daily reminder or an Event reminder.

Both types of reminders allow you to create a personalized message and select a sound for each reminder. The difference between the two types of reminders are:

Daily reminders will repeat the same time every day. So, you can have Daily reminders like, “It’s 3 o’clock – drink up!” or “It’s lunch time, so you should be halfway to your goal.”

If you’re participating in say, a 5K race. Set the date and start time of the race and AddWater will send you a reminder 48 hours and 24 hours ahead of the race and encourage you to reach your hydration goal. Then two hours before your race start time, it will remind you to consume about 16ozs of water (because we know how hectic pre-race preparation can be), so you’re properly pre-hydrated for your race.

Set standing daily reminders to keep you on track. Schedule athletic events in advance and let AddWater do the rest.

Set standing daily reminders to keep you on track. Schedule athletic events in advance and let AddWater do the rest.