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why hydrate? | AddWater
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introduction to hydration

hydrate much?

If so, how much? Do you know how much water your body needs to stay healthy? Is it 8 ounces, 8 times a day? 2 liters a day? Is it different for men and women?

Woman or man. Expert athlete or weekend warrior. Surly teenager or august old-timer. Everyone needs water to stay alive – and thrive.

AddWater tracks your daily hydration in an easy-to-use, elegant app that determines how much water you need, based on the latest scientific research. Our interactive app also rewards you for staying on track and offers plenty of water-wisdom to keep you engaged and educated. Want to stay hydrated? It’s easy, just AddWater.

But it’s not just water – humans hydrate by drinking beverages (yes, even soda) and also by eating fruits and vegetables. In fact, the National Institutes of Medicine estimate that Americans get about 80% of our daily hydration by drinking water and other fluids and roughly 20% by eating, but how do you know how much hydration is right for you? Is it true that sodas and coffee dehydrate you? Do your hydration needs change depending on where you live – in the mountains or by the sea? What if you’re pregnant or nursing? What if you just ran a 10K on a hot, sunny afternoon? What if you had one too many margaritas last night?

We won’t pass judgment on your extracurricular activities, but our apps, AddWater and AddWater Pro, will help you manage your daily hydration in a quick and easy format that stays with you throughout the day (unless of course you forget your iPhone, and then you can add your intake when you get home).

water and weight loss

Eating healthy and losing weight isn’t the No. 1 New Year’s Resolution for nothing.
And part of a healthy diet is maintaining proper hydration. In fact, researchers at Virginia Tech have demonstrated that obese adults who consumed 2 glasses of water 30 minutes prior to each meal lost an average of 5 pounds more than dieters who didn’t increase their water intake. One year later, the water drinkers also managed to keep the weight off at higher rates than their less hydrated brethren.
Substituting zero-calorie water for a can of soda can save as much as 180 calories per serving – so just adding one glass of water instead of one can of cola every day can add up – or rather, it can subtract the pounds. Adding water is a simple behavioral change that can pay big dividends over the long term.
AddWater helps you stay on track by reminding you to drink that water before every meal – just by setting a custom reminder!

caffeine conundrum

Everyone knows caffeine can be a diuretic, right? But did you know that caffeinated beverages like soda, coffee and tea can also contribute to your daily fluid intake? Here’s where we separate myth from reality.
Yes, caffeine can be a diuretic, but only at levels around 600 milligrams and above. An 8-ounce / 227-milliliter cup of coffee contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine, while a 12-ounce can of cola has about 40 milligrams. That means you would have to drink a 48-ounce Thermos full of coffee or 15 cans of soda for the caffeine to have a dehydrating, diuretic effect on your body. Studies from the Institute of Medicine indicate that caffeine-containing beverages do not increase the 24-hour urine volume in healthy individuals. So yes, you can count your morning cup of coffee or your lunchtime cola toward your daily AddWater goal. We obviously recommend drinking water or non-sugary beverages, but an ice-cold pop still counts toward your goal.

alcohol, the great dehydrator

Much as we love an adult beverage every now and then, alcoholic beverages undermine your daily hydration goal. Even though beer may be 95% water, that last 5% can wreak havoc on your hydration goals. Alcohol increases the amount of urine your body produces, which speeds up dehydration in your body. According to this cool explanation from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, every shot of alcohol you drink yields an extra 120 milliliters of urine, and unfortunately drinking extra water doesn’t compensate for the losses. The Health section of AddWater will automatically increase your daily requirement of fluids for every alcoholic beverage you consume, but it won’t prevent morning-after regrets. Increasing your water consumption when drinking beer, wine and spirits is just a good idea. We encourage you to drink at least 24 ounces prior to imbibing and always to drink responsibly.