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AddWater Pro | AddWater
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AddWater Pro. Same as AddWater, only better…

AddWater Pro has the same ease-of-use features of AddWater, such as entering amounts by simply panning up and down or unit type toggle to change between fluid ounces and mL/Liters on the fly. But we’ve add some new fun and exciting features like…


As if entering amounts in AddWater couldn’t be any easier, we created QuikAdd. A lot of people, including us, have glasses or sports bottles of a certain amount we use over and over. We thought, “Why not add a button, so it’s even quicker…?” So we did.

Go to QuikAdd in Settings and enter the amount you frequently use and you’re ready to go. We’ve incorporated QuikAdd into the Today widget and Apple Watch too (see below)!


Nestled between the ozs/mL/L toggle to the left and the Health section to the right, QuikAdd lets you enter amounts you drink frequently, quickly.

Today Widget

You thought QuikAdd made it easier to add your drink amounts? Wait until you see and use the Today widget. It’s one of our favorite additions. The Today widget displays much of the same information that’s in the apps Main screen: Goal, Amount and Percentage Consumed and Amount Left. QuikAdd and Tags are also there.  You can adjust your amount by tapping the “-” or “+”. You can add a tag by tapping Show Tags…, tap the drink type you want,  then tap the QuikAdd button to enter the amount.

The Today widget and Apple Watch share the same QuikAdd amount and are independent of the QuikAdd amount set in the app.

Installing the Today Widget

• Swipe down from the very top of the screen to access the Today view in Notification Center,

• Scroll down to the “edit” button at the bottom and you should see ‘AddWater Pro’ with a green “+” icon next to it,

• We recommend you, press the three bar icon on the far right of AddWater Pro, then drag to the top of the list.




The Today widget makes it even easier for you to enter amounts.


If you’re like us, water isn’t the only thing you drink. Also if you’re like us, you’d like to see and track the other types of drinks you have during the course of the day. Well, good thing you’re like us, we added tags to AddWater Pro and now you can track the various types of drinks.

Since there are various ways to enter an amount, there are various ways to associate a type of drink with the amount.

Panning – When you you use the regular panning up and down method selecting an amount in the main screen, instead of immediately lifting up to enter the amount, hold at the selection for a moment and a list of drink types will appear. Tap the type you want to associate with the amount and the tag is saved with the amount.

QuikAdd (main screen) – Double tap and the same list of drink-types appears.

QuikAdd (Today widget) – tap Show Tags… and the list of tags appears. Tap the tag you want, then tap QuikAdd to enter.

Apple Watch – Tap “Water” in the upper-righthand corner of the QuikAdd or ButtonAdd screens and the tags list will appear. Select the tag you want and the QuikAdd and ButtonAdd screens will update with your selected tag.

The Today widget showing the tags you can attach to the drink amount you save.

The Today widget showing the tags you can attach to the drink amount you save.


Pausing on your selection while panning or double-clicking QuikAdd will display the tags list.

Lifestyle Index

AddWater was already a powerful hydration app, but we’ve now made it a little more flexible for your lifestyle. Using information based on the National Institute of Health, we incorporated a daily step count index to better adjust you hydration goal. Tap the ‘i’ next to the Lifestyle Index title to see the scale.

If you don’t have a pedometer and don’t know your daily step count, start with One and work you way up to a goal that’s comfortable for you.

Couple this with the Fitbit integration (see below) we’ve added and your hydration goal will be automatically adjusted with your step count increase.


Lifestyle Index helps taylor your hydration goal to you needs.


Unlike a lot of hydration apps that show a person that fills up with water, we wanted to be able to make it a little bit more personal, so we added the ability to change the background to any picture. Go to Settings, then tap Background Picture in the Wallpaper section and select a picture from your Photo Library for inspiration or just for fun.

Put a sunrise, like this one, as your background picture.

Put a sunrise, like this one, as your background picture.


When you log into your Fitbit account through AddWater Pro, your hydration goal will be a set using your profile from Fitbit. If you’re using the Aria scale with Fitbit, you hydration goal will be updated if your weight changes.

If you turn on “Auto Update Lifestyle Index”, your Lifestyle Index will automatically increase as your step count reaches each index level and AddWater Pro send you a notification when it does increase, with you new hydration goal.

How cool is that!?!



When you sign into your Twitter account through AddWater Pro, it will automatically send out a tweet letting all your followers know how awesome you are when you reach your goal.



Apple Watch

AddWater Pro gives you the ability to manage your hydration goal directly from your Apple Watch. You can see your hydration status with the Overview screen, add amounts with QuikAdd or ButtonAdd, tag your drink types and full notification support.


(screens from right to left) Overview, QuikAdd, ButtonAdd, Tags and Notifications.

Adding a tag to your amount is easy. Using the image above, you would tap ‘Water’ in the QuikAdd screen or ‘Juice’ in the ButtonAdd screen and the Tags screen will appear. Then scroll up/down to find the type you want and tap it. Then select the amount you want to enter. That’s it!